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In November 2005, we invited the residents of Maui to attend Olowalu Talk Story, a week-long community-based planning workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to provide the residents of Maui with an opportunity to come together to discuss the re-establishment of a community at Olowalu.

After more than 6 1/2 years of our community-driven planning process, we are pleased to announce that their Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Olowalu Town Master Plan has been published with the State Office of Environmental Quality Control. The submittal of the DEIS is based on the General Plan Advisory Council (GPAC) overwhelmingly voted 21-4 to support Olowalu Town and the Maui County Planning Commission voted 5-2 in favor of Olowalu Town. We look forward to continued public review and comments during this DEIS process.

A Town for Maui Residents: At Olowalu Town, we have pledged to develop a community where Maui's residents can afford to live and raise families. A community where schools, stores, community centers, parks, ball fields, beaches/shoreline, and other civic resources will be within walking distance of residents' homes. A place designed to offer residents an opportunity to live and work in the same community, minimizing reliance upon cars.

Bill Frampton and Dave Ward

Small Town Maui

Historically, Maui's small towns have been defined by distinct boundaries that helped maintain the size, scale, and unique character of each community. Read more...

Stopping Sprawl

There is a solution to suburban sprawl. There is a better way to plan for the future of Maui. Our lead architect, Andrés Duany, has successfully utilized the design principles of Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) to prevent or halt suburban sprawl in locations across the country.

Read About the Draft EIS

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After more than 6 years of a community driven planning process the DEIS has been published for the Olowalu Town Master Plan.

Island of Small Towns

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Olowalu is based on the tradition of Maui's small towns that historically have helped shape our values and principles and define who we are.

Housing for Everyone

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Olowalu Town will offer a wide range of housing for Maui residents, including affordable, gap-group, below market, senior, live/work, market, single family, multi-family, and rentals.

Traffic Relief

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Olowalu Town will help reduce traffic by being a community where residents can walk to stores, parks, schools, civic centers, and even to work. Our plans include building a new mauka Honoapiā€˜ilani Highway through Olowalu.

Parks and Open Space

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Over 200 acres of parks, open space, beaches, greenways, trails, and bikeways will make Olowalu a healthy community. Public access to the shoreline for surfing, fishing, and enjoyment will be preserved and enhanced.

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